Dining & Meal Plan Accommodations

As we pride ourselves as a community leader, we want to ensure all students living on campus are not faced with a food insecurity and are able to focus on their studies. Therefore, all students living in the University’s Residential Halls are required to have a meal plan. There are three options that students may choose from.

  • Unlimited Plan + $400 in Viking Cash (Unlimited Meal Swipes per Week)
  • Weekly 14 + $150 in Viking Cash (14 Meal Swipes per Week)
  • Weekly 5 + $500 in Viking Cash (5 Meal Swipes per Week)

Meal Swipes can be used in the Viking Marketplace which is our “All You Care to Eat” location and is the cheapest dining option when utilizing a Meal Plan, as the price per meal goes as low as $4.42 depending on the plan you choose.

Viking Cash is a declining dollar value that can be used at all the retail locations through out campus. Here are the new and returning locations for the Fall Semester 2023.

  • Starbucks
  • Barrio Tacos
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Viking Express (Convenience Store)
  • Market on Euclid (Convenience Store)
  • Business Perks (Local Coffee)
  • The Link (Convenience Store)
  • Viking Public House (Restaurant)
  • The Longship Food Truck

Coming in the Fall Semester 2023 we will also be introducing a Meal Exchange program where students will be able to use their meal swipes on select items at the following locations.

  • Viking Public House
  • The Longship Food Truck

Students with dietary needs related to medical conditions or allergies often find the dining options in the Viking Marketplace and other on campus eateries to be accommodating.Options are easily accessible for nut allergies and gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease.


Students are encouraged to contact Dining Services and speak with our Executive Chef before registering with Disability Service to see if their needs can easily be accommodated through existing options. When Registering with Disability & Testing Services students will need to provide clear information about what their needs are and how it is related to a medical condition or disability. The Asthma and Allergies Documentation Packet or the General Documentation Packet can be used with your medical provider to be sure to get the information that is needed for assisting you.